DEESK – Smart Office Solution

In the course of rapid urbanization the working world has also changed. A more attractive use of the existing space through Co Working and Desk Sharing is becoming increasingly important. Workplaces should be more ergonomic and office structures more flexible to use. DEESK helps you to pursue your strategic goals intelligently and digitally and also creates a pleasant working atmosphere. DEESK - a clever system for smart offices.

Desk Booking

Manage, plan and book with ease with the interactive floor plan. The infrastructure is accessible anytime and anywhere with the web-based DEESK platform. Comfortably book your workplace from home or on the way to work. Be informed where your project team is before you arrive at the office or find colleagues and rooms quickly with the interactive floor plan.

Clear DEESK Dashboard on a Smartphone


The personalised login takes you to your dashboard where you can access various

functions for Desk Booking, Room Booking, FindMyColleague and Analysis Tools.

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Book a table with a tablet on the DEESK platform.

Anytime, anywhere

Thanks to the possibility to book rooms and workplaces on the go DEESK offers you can benefit

from the greatest possible flexibility. After you log in on the DEESK web platform you will see an overview of all available and booked resources.

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DEESK platform on a tablet

Book and manage

The interactive floor plan facilitates the booking of workplaces or rooms in a

complex building. The clearly structured calendar manages resources in real time and ensures smooth processes.

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Floor plan on a laptop

Search and find

Experience modern office culture with optimum networking which is no longer

dependent on a location-bound workplace. DEESK enables you to keep track and act productively and efficiently despite non-territorial office structures.

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Check in to a Perfect Day

Modern offices are dynamic environments. Different daily working challenges and changing workplaces are common practice. With DEESK you can stay relaxed when facing these challenges. DEESK is your office companion for a smooth and efficient daily routine.

device-independent check in

Check in - mobile devices

Log in to the DEESK platform anytime and anywhere and book your workspace. After you arrive at the office you can register and check in using the LIVE.STAND software.

Login with personal RFID

Check in - RFID card

You can log in at a central terminal or directly at your workstation which is equipped with a DEESK hand switch using your personalised RFID card.

LIVE.STAND the fitness coach at work

Fitness coach

A sit-stand desk ensures the right dynamics in everyday office life. The combination of this desk and the innovative LIVE.STAND software provides you with a tool that acts as your personal fitness coach.

Additionally burned calories are displayed in the LIVE.STAND.


LIVE.STAND provides various options for controlling the desk including a memory function. The dashboard displays data such as the sitting and standing time until the next action, calories burned, and it serves as motivation for more activity at the workplace.

Find places and colleagues

Rigid forms of work are a thing of the past. The office of the future is a place where people meet and cooperate in flexible way. The web-based floor plan helps you to find your way around complex buildings and enables you to locate colleagues at their workplaces using the employee directory.

Employees in the open-plan office


A floor plan e.g. on a terminal in the entrance area enables fast orientation and supports employees, customers and external visitors to quickly find their way around large building complexes.

Colleagues - woman and man meet in the open-plan office

Team and colleagues

DEESK brings people and ideas together. A short personal conversation among colleagues promotes team building and is often more productive than an elaborate email.

Two men work on different devices.


The DEESK platform has been specially designed for use on all terminal devices with a web-based interface to ensure a good user experience.

Co Working

This tool provides Co Working space operators with a tremendous added value. Even with high fluctuation it is possible to determine the workplaces of individual persons using the floor plan.

Proven desk frames.
State of the art electronics.
Latest IoT solutions.


Hardware for your Smart Office

Handset with OLED display and RGB LED
Handset with OLED display and RGB LED
Handset with OLED display and RGB LED

The intelligently networked office is no longer simply a vision. Sit-stand desks from the Serie FREE.STAND series communicate with the web-based DEESK platform via the cloud infrastructure (via W-LAN or network). The STAND.MOVE M1.4, a new hand switch including radio module is the central interface at the table frame. It forms the gateway to online applications and to the implementation of the smart office.

  • Radio protocols for wireless communication with other office furniture and the DEESK cloud.
  • RFID antenna for near-field identification when checking in into the booking system.
  • OLED display and RGB LED for improved usability and status display in the booking system.
  • Cloud connection to enable the use of analysis tools, e.g. to evaluate generated booking and usage data.
DEESK connectivity Map

Workplace Analytics

Increase the efficiency and overall productivity of your working environment using analytic tools and thereby increasing the cost-benefit efficiency.

Occupied work centers per month


The workplace diagram (heatmap) supports the

evaluation and optimization of
- Occupancy
- Utilised capacities
- Planning

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Analysis - Check in times per month


The digital billing in Co Working / Desk Sharing is determined by the individual

Usage profile easier
• Per user
• Per workstation
• Per period of time

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SST rides per month

Usage behaviour

Recording and analysis of usage behaviour, e. g.:

- Workplace ergonomics
- Use of individual products
- Use of resources

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Remote maintenance and online support

Remote maintenance

Networking online support and remote diagnostics of all Workplaces in the system

- Motor current measurement
- Desk movement analysis
- Evaluation of resources

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